Anodizzazione Alluminio BM

Quality, reliability, professionalism and service are the pillars of our company. Our organization can handle urgent 24-hour deliveries and standard 3-5 business day deliveries with the option to arrange collections and deliveries with our means of transport or with agreed third-party couriers.

We carry out the anodizing treatment even on special alloys such as ERGAL and AVIONAL, as well as on CASTING and DIE CASTING.

BM has been running the metal treatment for almost forty years, resting upon its know-how, a decisive variable, essential in achieving an excellent result.

We issue MOCA food certificates.

We especially recommend a careful choice of alloy because choosing the “wrong” one means causing defects on the goods, even if the treatment was done perfecly.

Our staff is also made of qualified technicians and electronic devices that provide us with all the information, useful to get better results from the anodic oxidation treatment.

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”  Lavoisier – Albert Einstein

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