The treatments are done in full compliance with UNI 10681 class 8/10 norm, to obtain a degree of thickness equal to 10/15 micron up to a maximum of 25/30 microns at the request of the customer.SONY DSC

To improve the aesthetic appearance, to increase the hardness of the surface and the scratch and wear resistance (even in the marine field), to provide a moderate thermal insulation  and to improve other characteristics such as bonding.

Flanges – Valves Chemical etching Silver
Castings – Die castings Brushing Black
Cylinders – Drive Shafts Anodizing Elettrocolor
Engines Components
Different small parts
Various types and sizes plates

In anodizing, trim surfaces are of great decorative importance. Mechanical processes can be combined with chemical ones to get the best finishes possible. To this end, we have 4 different types of brushing machines:

  1. Suitable for all types of profile scratches and defects etc.
  2. Manual band cleaners suitable for medium and large plates for a deep brushing
  3. Brush cleaning for details and small accessories
  4. Automatic cleaning machine for surface finishing and for an aesthetic finish of medium and large sized material and for all those details with tolerance problems


The packaging of the anodized material is a fundamental part, which is designed and customized, as well as the different types of materials being processed;  finally an important role is provided by logistics: indeed the company has its own means of transportation and delivery personnel in order to minimize delays in both picking and delivery times, although it can also deliver through third-party couriers. Upon customer request, BM also offers warehousing services.