Founded in 1973, BM Anodizzazione Alluminio immediately affirmed its presence on major national markets.

SONY DSCThe second generation is now running BM, which is made up of a young and dynamic team and it is focused on innovation and technology, making continuous and significant investments.

The anodizing plant has been completely renovated and enriched with the best techniques currently available on the market. It now has sophisticated tools for process control, in addition to equipment for aluminum working.

The company knoh-how has matured over numerous business-years of work in all the major fields that need anodizing, either for aesthetic reasons or to avoid corrosion or to be resistant in the marine environments.Under the constant supervision of and advocated by company management, BM constantly invests in human resources in order to have highly qualified personnel that is regularly trained in all phases of the production cycle.SONY DSC

Even in the environmental arena, BM hasn’t held back on efforts or investments to guarantee a constant improvement: the company has invested in a new water treatment plant with large water recycling capacity, which exploits the latest technologies.