We have an internal laboratory that has been completely renovated, which is operated by qualified personnel. Through daily monitoring of all chemical and physical values and the filing of appropriate data bases, we can ensure quality, compliance, and continuity of the processes carried out also through the use of external certified laboratories.

Specifically, the following are performed:
Acid-base titration – Microscopic analysis – pH Measurement – Thickness measurement.

ON SPECIFIC REQUEST OF THE CUSTOMERSONY DSC the following can be carried out: 

  • Assessment of resistance to corrosion (salt spray) reference standards UNI EN ISO 9227:2006
  • Assessment of resistance to abrasion reference standards EN 12373-10:2000 NI and / or BS 6161-18:1991
  • Resistance to sunlight under the references ISO 4529 – 1990
  • Chemical analysis of aluminum alloys
  • MOCA food certificates

CONTROL OF DETAILS SONY DSCfor each batch of material, numerous controls are performed:

  • Visual inspection of the material upon delivery
  • Thickness measurements (at sample)
  • Inspection of the general quality of the anodized surface