BM is a constantly evolving company, dedicated to acquiring high and innovative technology in the process of anodizing aluminum.
We have the latest technologic systems complete with digital tools for process control in the oxidation tanks and related product traceability.

The main functions of computer systems are the following:

  • to establish the timing of treatments based on the microns set;
  • to graphically display data such as voltage, temperature, microns;
  • to manage the historic data of each bath with each treatment performed and the option to analyze temperature trends, current density and the acid consumed;
  • to customize prints of process data for each individual treatment for any certification
  • to connect a PC for remote monitoring;
  • to create computerized data bases in Excel

These computerized systems allow you to daily and continuously save all the information regarding the work cycles, in order to have product traceability throughout the whole process of anodizing.

BM also guarantees the quality and efficiency of the processing cycle through the daily monitoring of key analytical parameters to anodizing.
The company has an inside laboratory and qualified technicians for the execution of tests such as the potentiometric and volumetric titration of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and the measurements of pH values with the storage of corresponding data on an Excel data sheet.