The experience gained in over 40 years of activity and our specific knowledge of aluminium alloys has allowed us to introduce new machining processes.

Strengthened by the far-sightedness of the management – Italian heart and international ideas – we offer customers an “all inclusive” serivice, ranging from machining of aluminium to surface finish.
We are the parent company of a network of engineering companies which – working with great synergy of intent and motivation – has created and built up a business to the customer’s advantage.

Experience, expertise and equipment have enabled us to differentiate ourselves, reaching a top-quality level in the field of machining contractors. In particular we are specialized in medium-and-large-sized plates and components.

Deep knowledge in the field, combined with state-of-the-art machinery, allow us to respond promptly, accurately and on-time to the different needs of our customers. The key feature on which our company identity is based is the high professionalism of its operators. The machinery has been carefully selected, with machining centres of different types and CNC lathes. Thanks to experience in the international market, we managed to grow our business throughout Europe, making us an ideal and extremely reliable partner – precise and punctual in finding specific solutions for every need.

The Production Technical Office is run so to respond to customer requests. The production departments and the Quality Control Department are equipped with modern and efficient tools, renewed and updated frequently.

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“Getting together is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”
Henry Ford

  • Fast project development
  • Meeting the customer needs
  • Combining effectiveness and efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Designing
  • Sampling
  • Machining
  • Surface treatments
  • Anodizing
  • Painting
  • Flexibility of the small-medium enterprise
  • Full service of a large company
  • High levels of quality and professionalism